Social Skills

Counseling All Populations and Offering Play Therapy for Children!

At Phoenix Counseling Group and Play Therapy Center, located in Haymarket, Virginia and Manassas Park, Virginia, we focus on helping children, adolescents, and adults overcome the difficulties they are facing in their daily lives. We work with individuals of all ages, couples, families and groups. We also specialize in Play Therapy which has been proven to help children deal with many different psychological issues. Some of the many issues we can address for both children and adults include: depression, anxiety, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, divorce and remarriage, relationship problems, school difficulties, anger problems, family conflict, addiction counseling, Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addicts, and Children of Alcoholics/Addicts. Some of our therapists can also provide Christian counseling if requested by the client. In summary, our therapists use a variety of treatment methods during therapy in order to equip clients with tools to overcome their current difficulties.


Group Counseling 

Phoenix Counseling offers several different group therapy options. We have groups which focus on building social skills, reducing anxiety, teaching coping skills, reducing depression, ADHD groups, parent coaching, and much more. These groups are based on age brackets and serve minors and adults. Email us for more information!

Play Therapy

Our therapists often use a play therapy approach to work with children who may benefit from this type of modality. We are known as the premier play therapy center in the Prince William, Fauquier, and Loudoun County areas. Play therapy often addresses a child’s development needs in treatment more effectively than other methods. We also use a combination of traditional talk therapy and expressive arts techniques to help older children and teenagers explore their issues more effectively.



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