Insurance & Rates

Phoenix Counseling Group and Play Therapy Center accepts certain insurance plans, but there are also some that we do not accept. Below is a detailed list of insurances in which we are in-network. If your insurance plan is not listed then that means that we do not accept it, and you would have to pay our self-pay rates.

When checking with your insurance please note that we bill under Douglas McCracken, LPC for Anthem, BlueCross, Carefirst, and Aetna plans. If Douglas is listed as in-network under one of these plans then you should have no problem receiving coverage while here. Please note that co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, and all other fees due are paid at time of service via HSA/credit/debit card.

Insurance Accepted
-Anthem Federal Employee Program
-Anthem Health Keepers

-Blue Cross Blue Shield-Carefirst
-Anthem Healthkeepers Plus
-United Healthcare



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